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Well, I want to thank everyone who came to our show.  I had a wonderful time.  Performing for people is something very new to me.  The show helped me gain some confidence around playing for others. As promised, here is the full 1 hour 20 minute concert video. 

Thanks to the East Bay Media Center for hosting, promoting, and filming our show.
Would not have been posible if not for Bekah Barnett creating the show with me. 

This is an impromptu cello loop concert that I played for some friends in Mt. shasta. All the music is 100% original and improvised on the spot. I use a Boss RC-300 loop station to do my looping. Looping with the cello is something still very new to me. It opens up so many different possibilities and gives me the ability to accompany myself.

I studied with composer Matthew Goodheart, he is the one who introduced me to the “symphony of place”
Matthews website:
My website:

Meet Bekah, a wonderful musician with an enchanting voice. A collaboration between fellow artist Anthony Yousko, and myself. This is the first artist video that we have done as

Bekah has written 13 songs that can be found in her album, Find Shelter Here. 
I play cello on a few tracks in the album and regularly play with her.

Bekah’s site:
Ben’s site:
Anthony’s Site:

Filming and music By me. 

I made this video as a test to show my friend Anthony, final cut.  Sometimes I make funny faces when I play cello.  Usually when I am out of tune…

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